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We call ourselves Rangarayans, the members belonging to“The Rangaraya Medical College Old Students Association” Called RAMCOSA. Ours is a registered society with defined objectives and bye laws. We abide by the same in discharging our duties pleasantly. In this endeavor, the RAMCOSA by thought, word and deed does the following :

Follow, mentor, join and actively encourage each outgoing student of Rangaraya Medical College to become a dynamic doctor to the society and a versatile Rangarayan in the RAMCOSA.

We periodically meet either within the college or outside to foster comradery, brotherhood, service and allegiance to the mother institute.

We strive to further build and strengthen our mother institute Rangaraya Medical College by devoting our time, donating our funds in cash and kind and dedicating our knowledge. This helps to foster scientific temper in the successive batches of students in shaping them into great doctors for the future.

RAMCOSA recognizes the Stars, the Baby Bloomers, the Stalwarts and the Heroes from among its fraternity and celebrates their victories.

As Rangarayans our reach has been far and wide over the decades across the globe. RAMCOSA takes all its diaspora under its wings and encourages various groups to form local associations and organisations and to work in consonance with RAMCOSA and to periodically exchange and share information of all their activities.

In short, RAMCOSA is the backbone for every student entering the portals of this August Institution and constantly reminds them of our duty to our alma mater.

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